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Aging is a leading risk factor for cancer development and neurodegenerative diseases. We at Prescient Health Solutions believe that cellular rejuvenation results in delayed onset or reduction in the incidence of proliferative and neurodegenerative disease states.

Prescient Health Solutions was cofounded by Pavel Idelevich, MD, and Kenneth Reed, MD, both physicians with a passion for biotechnology and nutraceutical development. Although trained in internal medicine and pathology, Idelevich has largely remained focused on basic cell biology, as it applies to disease states and the aging process. Prior to forming Prescient Health Solutions, Dr. Idelevich’s work has lead to the isolation and identification of rare circulating fetal and tumor cells, currently in development by EarlyCell. He is also responsible for the development and commercialization of several histochemical kits currently used in cancer detection. Originally from former Soviet Georgia, Dr. Idelevich spent over a decade working in Israel at the Weizmann Institute and in industry.