Our Science

As cells age, they lose their ability to fend off metabolic byproducts, which can result in intracellular acidification. By restoring a more balanced intracellular state, many cellular functions return to levels previously expressed by younger, healthier cells. 


CellRegenX consists of two key ingredients that work synergistically to alter the intracellular environment to a more "youthful" state: licorice root powder and lithium. These ingredients work together to restore the intracellular state, which in turns promotes a range of anti-aging cellular effects:


Increases Telomere Length


Increases Cellular Respiration


Suppresses Inflammation

By taking a cell-wide approach to fighting aging, we believe that CellRegenX is uniquely position to rejuvenate cells and make individuals feel better and younger. We've shown in numerous preclinical studies that CellRegenX effectively increases telomere length, increases cellular repiration, and suppresses inflammation.

Telomere Length

In a human volunteer, we've shown that CellRegenX increases genes associated with telomere function and telomeres length. It's been shown that progressive shortening of telomeres leads to senescence, apoptosis, or oncogenic transformation of somatic cells, affecting the health and lifespan of an individual.

If you are interested in measuring your telomere length, there are several companies that provide accurate, non-invasive genetic testing. While there are several that perform these services, we recommend TeloYears, SpectraCell Laboratories, and VIAMEDEX

Cellular Respiration

At the Harvard core facility, it was shown using a mouse hypothalamic cell line that CellRegenX increases mitochondrial respiration and ATP production.

CEll Senescence

Senescence is the biological process in which cells irreversibly stop dividing and enter a state of permanent growth arrest without undergoing cell death, which can be induced by DNA damage or other cellular stresses. In an experiment utilizing a normal human colon fibroblast cell line, we've shown that CellRegenX effectively reduces cell senescence.  


In C. elegans, CellRegenX has been shown to extend the lifespan by up to 40%. By restoring the intracellular environment to a previously healthy state, CellRegenX can comprehensively fight aging at the molecular level, promoting a healthier lifestyle.