Q: I am a healthy and actve person in my mid 40's. Would you recommend CellregenX anyway?

Healthy, active lifestyle is extremely important at any age. Unfortunately, aging is universal biological process, which affects everyone and first signs of aging on the cellular level can be seen usually before your age. Taking Cellregenx will be a good idea for anyone over 35-40. It will contribute to you overall health and will be very complementary to a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Q: Is CellRegenX addictive?

I have to be honest and say "yes.". The experience of high energy, happy mood, appetite control and overall feeling of "bliss" are just too good to let go. And it is all completely natural. CellRegenX  works by rejuvenating not only the skin or brain, but every single cell of our body. Lab c.elegans end up living ~40 percent longer than their control counterparts. 

Q: Studies suggest that stress “ages people” by shortening the length of telomeres. Will CellRegenX help younger adults exposed to the constant stress?


Q: Are there any age recommendations for starting CellRegenX? Any restrictions?

Not earlier than 18 year old. Not  recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Although the active ingredients used in CellRegenX have been consumed by pregnant and lactating women for decades, we do not recommend consumption by pregnant or nursing mothers since we have not done sufficient studies to ensure safety in these groups.

Q: Will CellregenX help me to lose weight and keep it off? 

Our studies have shown that supplementation with CellRegenX over a prolonged period of time, lead to a measurable reduction in weight. In one study, a group of mice, which was receiving CellRegenX on a consistent basis for 23 months, was significantly thinner than the control group (see graph below). Please note that the weight loss happened gradually, which means that in order to see maximum results, we encourage you to take CellRegenX on a regular basis, for an extended period of time. No cheating!

 The  t -value is 2.4849. The  p -value is .016136. The result is significant at  p  < .05.

The t-value is 2.4849. The p-value is .016136. The result is significant at p < .05.

Q: Will CellRegenX make me live longer?

It has been shown that CellRegenX extends the lifespan of C. elegans (a worm model used to study aging) by approximately 40%. We are unable to say whether CellRegenX can extend human life, though we believe it makes older human cells behave physiologically more like younger human cells.

Q: Is CellRegenX formula temperature sensitive? What is the optimal temperature regiment for shipping and storage? Will shipping in the summer degrade it? 

Very stable ingredients. We recommend room temperature for storage. But summer shipping will not degrade it.

Q: How long it takes to see the improvements/increase in telomere length in the lab results?

Two months.

Q: How can I tell if CellRegenX is working?

We encourage those interested in monitoring their response to CellRegenX to download the laboratory requisition before starting CellRegenX and then 2 months after. The requisition explains in detail what is needed. 

*This service will be available soon.

Q: Do  you take CellRegnX on an empty stomach or with food? Is it preferable to take it the the morning or afternoon?

I recommend taking CellRegenX once a day, after breakfast. If you are skipping breakfast, take on an empty stomach with water. 

Q: What happens if you stop taking the supplement? 

Positive effects will gradually disappear. 

Q: What happens if increase the dose to two capsules per day?  Will this expedite the results?

CellRegenX capsule is formulated to bring optimal amounts of its ingredients to an adult person for one day. I do not recommend taking more than one capsule a day. If you missed the dose , you can take CellRegenX as soon as you remember. If you take two capsules a day, it should not lead to any negative side effects, but it will not produce any additional health benefits. 

Q: Is CellGefenX suitable for dogs?

Prescient did not test CellRegenX in dogs. But we tested it in smaller animals (mice). Mice tolerated CellRegenX very well, demonstrating positive improvements. 


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