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Survival of the species on our planet, including human beings, depends on certain pH levels in and around living organisms and cells. As we grow older we experience changes on many levels. Some of these changes are visible and others are invisible. This includes the change in the intracellular pH balance towards acidity. This change affects the ability of our cells to properly regenerate themselves, which leads to a decline in many bodily functions.

When taken daily over period of two months, CellRegenX gradually restores and supports a healthier pH balance within your cells. This restorative process will help transform your cells and many body functions to a more youthful state.



CellRegenX has been shown to increase telomere length, cellular respiration, and ATP production, which all help to fight aging.


The most commonly self-reported benefits include:

  • Improved sleep (you need less sleep and wake up more refreshed)

  • More  energy

  • Mood improvement

  • Better digestion

  • Improvement in physical appearance (skin, hair and nails)  

  • Improvement in mental clarity and focus

While CellRegenX helps you to feel and look younger in a matter of weeks, the most  important reason to take CellRegenX is for its long term benefits. By restoring the intracellular environment to a previously healthy state, CellRegenX can comprehensively fight aging at the molecular level, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The average lifespan in the US is 78.7 years. Can we do better? Our customers believe that with CellRegenX they have a chance to live  longer while staying in better physical and mental health. Although we can not claim that CellRegenX prolongs human lives, our data has shown that it significantly prolongs healthy lives of laboratory animals. In addition, some of our customers have reported positive effects of CRX or their mood and memory.

So the question is: What is on your bucket list? With CellRegenX more is possible!

The Founders


Dr. Paul Idelevich

Prior to founding Prescient Health Solutions, Dr. Idelevich’s work has lead to the isolation and identification of rare circulating fetal and tumor cells, currently in development by EarlyCell. He is also responsible for the development and commercialization of several histochemical kits currently used in cancer detection. Dr. Idelevich is also the  author of multiple patents.


Dr. Kenneth Reed

A board certified dermatologist who graduated from the Harvard Medical School Residency Program in Dermatology,  Dr. Reed has been successfully treating  patients for over 30 years in offices across South-Eastern Massachusetts. 


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