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Our science

Learn more about our proprietary supplement, CellRegenX, that was carefully formulated by medical researchers and physicians to isolate compounds that change the cellular environment to promote anti-aging cellular mechanisms, such as telomere lenghtening, increased cellular respiration, and decreased inflammation.


Our story

Prescient Health Solutions was founded by physicians Pavel Idelevich, MD, and Kenneth Reed, MD, to develop supplements to enhance your cellular health, providing preventative, anti-aging effects. Our mission is to improve the duration and quality of life with unique approaches supported by rigorous scientific methodology.



The product is just amazing. We have been using it with my wife for a month. My blood pressure has reduced, my general feeling boosted up essentially. I feel at least 10 years younger. My wife has noticed her skin problems disappeared all of a sudden. Absolutely happy!
— Alexander K.
My husband and I got very lucky to buy this magical product. Positive effects become obvious after several days of taking those capsules. Before I was suffering from feeling very low energy. Constantly craving for sugar and caffeine to make it through the day. Now I am feeling great, energized, making my day without thinking of taking a nap or eat something sweet for energy boost.
— Olga K.